Token Redux- Painting #69/109

6 x 6 in. Oil on board 9/13/2016


You know it’s Fashion Week when you’re not working for Robbie Strohmeier but you’re still workin’ for Robbie Strohmeier. Ha! Lighting designer extraordinaire, friend and collector of my work.

This was a long time coming. I finally went back into Token. I LOVE NYC and this token is too much of a cultural icon not to do her justice.

When I first showed the actual token to Robbie he said he wanted first look if I painted it. I obliged and he said to consider it sold. He had to wait a while but here she is now finally completed. Felt good to get it out. Done and dusted. And just under the wire too…Fashion Week comes to a close starting tomorrow night! Besides, NYC deserves a gold coin. ;)