Tibetan Box- Painting #7

6 x 8 in. Oil on Masonite board 1/8/2016

This little box is what started me on my journey painting in oils. I was self taught in acrylics for about 10 years when I met my future ex husband. He could see by the way I was working with acrylics that I really wanted to be working in oils. I was too scared of them with all their alchemy and rules, but deep down I knew he was right. 

For my birthday he bought me an oil painting survey class at SVA. Cut out and rolled up the classes from the catalog that he thought I'd be interested in and put them in this box for me to choose. A really lovely way to give a gift. I gotta admit, he was the BEST gift giver. Nailed it EVERY time. He also encouraged me to try for a scholarship to the National Academy. I hauled all my best acrylic works to date over there and got in! I was off and running. Then for Christmas he bought me my first full set of Vasari Classic Oil colors for school. In a wooden box and everything.

I've been at it ever since. I really enjoyed painting this little box but boy, ellipses huh? Am I right? I feel as though I'm getting more into the alla prima idea though and hope I can keep sharpening my eye as I move on. I mean I can only get better with practice, right? My first full week in the can.

Only 51 more to go...

A note about the pics: For the sake of speed these are all pics taken with my iphone. I post them as soon as I finish them and sometimes it's been late at night and I want to get it in for that day. Eventually, I'll have them all shot for realz and replace these so they'll be sharp. This one has a bit of glare on the right that I don't have in me at the moment to erase in Photoshop. Cut me some slack please.


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See you tomorrow!

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