The Elephant In the Room-Painting # 101

8 x 8 in. Oil on board 6/9/2016

Maybe it's just me, but...that's what this project can feel like sometimes. Since my unplanned hiatus, people have been unusually quiet about it. Like they're wondering if I'm actually still doing it.

Well, I am. Dammit. Now here's some whimsy for ya. ^

This is actually the elephant in my studio. It's the stuffed animal I bought Onji when he was all by himself again after we moved here to the Bronx. I had read somewhere that it's good to have something almost the same size as the cat to sort of wrestle with. A way of promoting play and giving your cat a healthy balanced life. And it worked for a while. But then it didn't. Because while I was away, there was no one there to animate it.

And so began the search for Onji's next wife. It took quite a while and the first one I found was perfect and exactly what I wanted. A single white female Cornish Rex by the breeder that KNEW the breeder that bred Sen! I had tried to look her up but she had died of cancer. I kinda knew something was up when I had visited her to pick Sen up in Effie, Louisiana . She couldn't stand for very long and had help to take care of the cats.

But sadly, though serendipitous it was, it was not in the cards. My new found kitten died not too long after I'd found her and fallen in love. She was smothered by her siblings. To me this sounded horrible and I cried at work when I got the email even though I'd never met her. Then a friend came to visit me, I had told him how she died and he said, "In a pile of kittens? That's how I wanna go." Ok, you got me there, that was pretty funny. Once I'd found the new kitty and decided on the name Sveva, it prompted my manager at work Diane to dub her Seven. ha! Seven of nine, I thought.

Man, I'm a geek. Anyhoo, Mister Elliefant at your service. As I write this little Sveva is asleep in my lap. :)