New Sveva Valentine.jpg

Separated at birth...

Marilyn Monroe, first Playboy centerfold.

Sveva's fav toy. :) Her Elton John Octopus.

Sveva's Valentine- Painting #44

8 x 8 in. Oil on board 2/14/2016

My dear sweet kitten Sveva was finally spayed. She's been living in Lynn's 'recovery suite' since Wednesday because we have to keep her separate from Onji. Who is thoroughly enjoying the lack of Sveva throughout the rest of the house because of her 'cat on a hot tin roof' attitude when she was in heat.

Well, last night she got to her favorite toy, the alien octopus you see above you and ran around a bit too much. She developed a sack of water around her suture area that had me freaked out today since it was all swollen, but I was told it happens in active kittens after surgery and not to worry. Warm compresses for the next 2-3 days will help it go down on it's own. But I need to keep her locked away and she HATES that. She's a very social kitten and doesn't like not being invited to the party. So this is my valentine for my little Sveva bean. I'm not sure why I picked up this freaky looking toy but she LOVES it and runs around the house with it in her mouth. I really miss that. Now it's just lying limp on the parquet floor. Get better kitten! We miss you. xo

Here she is in all of her glory, next to her 'separated at birth' counterpart, Marilyn Monroe!

P.S. Lynn calls this toy her Elton John Octopus, then starts singing 'Bah Bah Bah Benny and the Jets!' Lol!!

Happy Valentine's Day!!