Initial 'wipe out' drawing with my beloved Swamp Thing as inspiration.

Mixed a palette to start off with and began loosely blocking it in. In the far left you can see a tiny corner of the beige cat post level. Where Onji was practicing his move...


Thanks, Onji.


Spike Moss- Painting #115

5 1/4 x 8 in. Oil on board 12/14/2016 Hiro Day


Sometimes you plan and plan and think over something so much that once you finally get to do it, everything falls apart. But...

Mistakes can be good wings. Ever since Cookie Dome lost it's dome and just became a glass stand essentially, I've been playing with how to use it. I had FINALLY found the PERFECT home for my spike moss...atop Cookie Dome she looked like a tiny tree with a glass trunk! (!!!) It could not be more perfect for my studio. You may have noticed I'm quite fond of playing with scale, so this suited me just fine. Like playing that game of concentration I had found the matching thing for my thing! After pruning and tending to her, and pretty much swooning over her for awhile till I just couldn't stand it anymore, I finally set her up to paint.

I've been wanting to play with green some more (I have a special painting I want to do) and specifically, greens of the moss variety. 

I set myself up, lit my star model and went to work mixing and drawing her in. all the while not noticing my cat Onji creeping on the corner of his scratch post ...which wasn't very far from where I set up my little moss friend... and making strange motions that of course I did NOT think twice about because I was so into what I was doing. Recipe for disaster.

Onji had been practicing jumping for it and got up the gumption to go for it. Kudos Onji. <garbled various curse words followed by 'I can't believe that just happened.', repeatedly>

No more Cookie Dome. Spike moss spread across the studio floor like a murder scene. Picked it up. Cleaned up the glass, said goodbye to Cookie Dome and set back to work, albeit a bit pissed off. I'm pleased with the heightened level of drama it wound up having. I had something very different in mind but thoroughly enjoyed painting it in quickly. Just capturing what I wanted most so as not to waste what I had started and ended up with this. Mistakes can be good wings!

Side Note: This day was 'bought' by my friend and long time supporter Hiro. It's his birthday and he has the right of first refusal to decide if he wished to call it his own. I modestly offer it up with no pressure for him to purchase it, only gratitude for his confidence in me. Happy Birthday Hiro!! And thank you for everything you've done to cheer me on and support me this year! You have no idea how much it means to me. xo

Update: Hiro ended up buying something else he wanted so it's currently up for grabs.


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