Sea Horse- Painting# 37

6 x 8 in. Oil on board 2/7/2016

The symbol of CALM. Thought we could use some. I know I can cause this morning my little kitten Sveva went into heat. Seriously, she sounds possessed. The idea of painting a sea horse popped into my head when I lied down for a few minutes. I hadn't yet known what I was going to do today. Then I learned a little more about it's symbolism. They are the symbol of patience and contentment. Plenty happy to be who they are. So much so that they have never evolved away from their body shape. They remain in the same style since inception.  Also- the males carry the babies and they look like the hipocampus, the part of the brain that records memory.

So since it's Fashion Week...Keep Sea Horse and Carry On!

Oh and also they're good luck! Double bonus.