Penny From Heaven- Painting #60

6 x 6 in. Oil on board 3/4/2016

This little labor of love was started last night. Once I got down to the details I realized my energy level was low and knew I’d need to finish it in the morning. Especially after hearing why. The story goes like this…

After work one day Cher and I were sitting and having our shift meal, talking about the 365paintings2016 project as Christine flitted about coming up with a list of things the girls all wanted me paint. At one point Cher said ‘I want you to paint something for my mom but I don’t know what yet’. Five minutes later her eyes welled up with tears and she began reaching for her bag. ‘I know exactly what I want you to paint! A penny.’ Handed me the money and said whenever you can get to it. ‘Any particular penny?’ I asked. ‘Any penny.’ she said. And Christine pulled one out of her pocket and gave it to her. Then Cher gave it to me and told me why…

Note: The second half of this telling happened after we spoke and I’d only just heard about it last night when I asked her if it was ok to tell this story on my post. She was delighted and so, here it is…

‘When I was just on the brink of growing into adulthood, my mom told me the story of how her Godmother, my namesake, sends her pennies from heaven after passing from bone cancer. She collected them in an orange crock on her window sill. When my mom decided to renovate her business, she laid all the pennies she had collected in the foundation of the walls and had a priest bless the building. After she used all her pennies to bless her business, she was left penniless. That year I decided I needed to help my mom refill her bowl of blessings and pennies and I collected pennies for a year, with the intention of giving them to her on Christmas. The gift was received with more love and generosity than I could ever have imagined. Every now and then I find a penny on the street, or in a pants pocket, or on the bench in the subway station, and it reminds me that there are angels watching over me. This past thanksgiving I learned that my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer.

A short 3 months later, my grandfather passed from a combination of old age and illness. After an overwhelmingly large turn out at the wake and never having a private moment, I snuck into the bathroom of the restaurant we all went to after just to get some time to myself and to take my first deep breath of the week. As soon as I walked into the stall, I looked down, and there waiting for me was a heads up penny. I felt a buzzing energy run through my body, head to toe. I picked it up and held it to my chest, then decided to go bring it to my mom.

She told me to keep if for myself and carry it with me, for it was a penny from heaven, sent to me by my brand new guardian angel. I wanted to have a penny for my mom to give to her when she is finished with chemo. Something to give her that would symbolize how much of a blessing she is not only to me, but to her family, and to all of her students, and all of those whose lives she brightens each and every day.’

A thousand kisses to you Cher for the opportunity and privilege to be part of yours and your mom’s life. I hope it brings you both endless joy.  xoxo

Cut the board myself, btw. :)