Pic of me on the tour bus.

Paper maché head flat people pic taken in my hotel room in Arizona.

Spring 8 x 10 in Oil on canvas mounted on board 2009

Paper MachÉ Head- Painting#59

8 x 8 in. Oil on board 3/2/2016

I bought this paper maché head in an antique shop somewhere in America. I say the because I was the second electrician for a six month long bus and truck tour of Five Guys Named Moe and we were in a different city every other day. I have no idea where I found it. I just knew I had to have it and everyone at the time thought I was nuts. He even had a brother that I regret to this day not getting.

Being on tour can do that to ya. Make ya buy things you never thought you would to create a sense of presence where ever you are. And where I was, was living on a bus, or in a hotel. I slept in one afternoon when we got back to the hotel and missed out on an opportunity to walk thru the dessert. So I hung back and made flat people pictures cause I was bored.

Years later I painted him in my marital home in Jersey City. Popped him on top of a candle holder that actually belonged to my sister Lynn and crowned him with a piece from a globe lamp I believe. I like going ‘antiquing’ for junk. Draped him with a garland of fake flowers I used to string on fishing line and he lived in our home like that for quite a while. I painted this in the spring so it was a kind of celebration, I guess.

Since I was gifted a 10 inch table saw just recently (which I am EXTREMELY grateful for!!!) I finally had to clear out the ‘project room’. Well, Lynn jumped on it and did an amazing job! Most of what needed to happen happened last night and the saw was up and running today! Thanks Lynn!! She did an amazing job. :)

While clearing out the room, he came out again. And I jumped at the chance to paint him once more and did this quick study. Things are moving along quite nicely in the studio and I feel I’m finding a groove. I’m so very grateful to all of you who have cheered me up and cheered me on. I only hope I bring you as much joy as you bring me. Thanks guys!


First boards cut on it!

First boards cut on it!