More Cow Bell- Painting # 3

6 x8 in. Oil on Masonite 1/4/2016

Ahh, what a good nights sleep NOT having to work a full day on your feet can do for a girl. :)

Ok, I thoroughly enjoyed painting this little guy and it was the whole reason why I bought him. I ordered it when I first moved to the Bronx into this studio. It had such a wonderful rusty beat up quality that I thought would be fun to capture and I was right. Took pics along the way in various stages of painting that I'll post on my FB page. Find me there if your interested in seeing them.

By George, I think she's got it! Finally got out of my own way to get a good start going. Still kind of timid with the paint tho, but I'll get there. Only 362 to go.....

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