Lynn's Ponytail Palm- Painting #1

8 x8 in. Oil on canvas panel 2016 1/2/2016

So as promised, I give you my efforts tonight. My first daily painting. I realized pretty early on that it was just TOO complicated to really give him his due, so I left it in this monochrome stage.

Lessons learned. Keep it simple stupid. Easily remembered as KISS. Why on earth did you pick such a complex jumble of colors and spaces for your first QUICK painting. Really? Didn't you see THAT coming? Also- Just because you WANT to paint it doesn't mean you CAN paint it in an hour or two. That's why you're here. To practice and push paint around. You are clearly still in your old mode of working, but that doesn't mean you can't change. Next time pick something simple and get that paint on there early on.

All said and done I did enjoy looking forward to coming home and painting and I DID do it....which has never been done on a work day so that's a plus for me! AND I get to do it again....tomorrow. Blerch be damned! (Look up the comic Oatmeal and search that word!)

See you tomorrow!