Joshua Gave Me This!-Painting# 86

6 x 8 in Oil on board 4/14/2016

Pushing my way thru my block. A bit of spirit photography. This is the brush I spoke of in the post for A Gift From Joshua and is also on the floor at my feet in my BIO pic on this site. When I received it as a gift (after I had been admiring it earlier) he had written on it, ‘Joshua gave me this! 10/2/99’. 

I cherish it and it’s one of my favorite talismans. I’ve been blue since the block and my friend Joshua recently called and left a lovely message in my voicemail. It made my heart sing even if I just didn’t feel like talking. Thank you, friend.

This one, once again…is for you. xo

* Click image to enlarge to full view.