John’s Tees- Painting #48

8 x 8 in. Oil on board 2/19/2016


Two side arm tees and a Cam Lock tee. A request from the wonderful John Tees (a.k.a. JT3) production electrician at Clarkson Square. We had our strike on Thursday and as per usual he brings us out for a beer after work. He’s a good man. It’s a tradition and one that I really enjoy capping off Fashion Week with. It’s kind of like the end of summer camp and as you leave you end up saying things like ‘See you in September!’, so it’s the kind of night you want to stay out for. And I did. Did I mention the beer? Also- another tradition is coming in to meet Dave for lunch after the last truck is loaded which was today. Hence, I owe you guys another painting that I tried to start tonight as well but couldn’t get through it.

(Frowny face) <——John Tees-ism. So I’ll have to give Fashion Week a reprieve after Flower Saturday as I catch up. I’m having a lot of fun iconizing all these things we work with and have a few more up my sleeve.  :)