Interior: Studio Doorway/Looking Into Kitchen-Painting #104

 6 x 8 in Oil on board 6/28/2016

I’ve been making myself uncomfortable by using the portable palette exclusively and painting in situations I’m not used to. It hasn’t been easy pulling myself out of my head and this depression and back into my work and what I know I should be doing. But I figure if I get back to basics and work I’ll have the benefit of all this practice.

Went back to my old love Edwin Dickinson today when I was reminded of him by my friend Bill Murphy. It was cloudy so I decided to do an interior. Actually, cloudy days are good for that since the light is diffused and stays relatively the same for longer periods of time. My original idea was the entire doorway and maybe part of the outside of it, but I literally couldn’t step back far enough to get it all in properly, at least not for such a small canvas. So I abbreviated it. And then abbreviated it a bit more…the light overall did change quite a bit by the time I was really into it, but I just have to get there faster next time.

I’m on the Rosemary Brushes bandwagon now and I’m really enjoying them. It’s nice to see a company take great care in what they make.  I’ve got new tools and I’m learning a new way to use ’em. I bought some shapes I wouldn’t normally to find a new way of working. Perhaps there’s a lot out there I can pick up and figure out. That’s what this year is for.

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