Hydrangea after the rain- Painting #105

6 x 6 in Oil on board 6/29/2016

Hazah! Went to Oval Park today with my new set up. Feels good to get the first one out of the way and I gotta say it went really well. I found a great strip of park to work in that’s for the most part, empty. I personally like walking down this ‘avenue’, lets call it, to catch the birds bathing in the puddles after it rains. My initial idea was to paint the sky through branches reflected in one of those puddles, but that’s a bit busy for a first try out. So I looked up and saw the hydrangea. It was kind of perfect in that there were hollows in the bushes that made them seem a bit dramatic. I was able to get comfortable painting in nature which is really nice.

I learn something new every day. Like…bug spray. Good thing to have when plein air painting. Gotta figure that one out.