Working on Horizon.

Horizon- Painting#93

6 x 8 in. Oil on board 5/6/2016


The hummingbirds show their solidarity. My friend Hiro sent me a message after seeing painting #91, Then the Butterflies saying: ‘I see where you’re going with this – Will I see a giant hummingbird poking a needle mouth for honey on Verizon wireless parabola antenna soon??’

Why yes. Yes you will.

The horror of Verizon’s recent actions against their workers gave me a chance to do get sociopolitical within this project. 

My close friend Tony works for them and is currently striking with the other union members over a myriad of unfair issues that they carelessly impress upon them while trying to keep billions of dollars in profits each month for themselves. This one is for all those workers. We stand with you! Can you hear us now?!

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