Good Friday Cookie Dome- Painting#76

6 x 8 in Oil on board 3/25/2016


I guess you could call this my answer to Norman Rockwell. This cookie dome, sans the dome, sits on my kitchen table. Lately, with doll head on it. It makes us laugh in the morning. Well, after I tore apart my peeps I didn’t know where to put them and that’s normally where cookies n’ such go so… couldn’t stop looking at it all night. EVERY time I walked into the kitchen to get yet another glass of water. I thought, ‘You gotta paint that tomorrow.’ And I came this close to not doing it at all cause I thought it would be too weird. I shall fly my freak flag high, dude, cause I love him.

Is it just me or do those peeps look ‘judgy’?

* Click image to enlarge to full view.