Ghost Ship webcopy.jpg

Beginnings of a Ghost Ship. Painting at Rex Hall.

Developing the concept.

Ghost Ship-Painting #116

For Oakland

6x8 in. Oil on board 12/16/2016


Appearing on the river near the old soda company sign around what used to be Long Island City was a majestic Ghost Ship atop a water spout.


The idea came to me while painting at Rex Hall in the show Works In Progress Part 2 for the Bronx River Art Center. Working in a collective studio and feeling all the works in progress around me by my fellow artists, some of them present and working while I was. Most not. At moments both soothing and disturbing feelings came over me. It was nice that while I was there it was relatively quiet, but the silence echoed all the people lost in the Ghost Ship fire in Oakland and all the work that disappeared that day.