Four Seasons Tree/Spring- Painting #80

8 x 8 in Oil on board 4/1/2016


My friend Zak commissioned the last day of every quarter of 2016 with the requestthat it be based in nature. I agreed and immediately thought of my favorite tree in Oval park. This is it. I pass it every time I walk to the D train and have been admiring it’s curves for four years now. It’s so strange to really get to know her. I wanted to make much of her branches because I know they’ll get covered up soon and her bones will be hidden till fall. Don’t normally do landscapes so thanks Zak for making me get outside. I’m interested to see her in plein air. Ordered a piece of glass for my new palette out doors. Very excite!

My first quarter complete. I slid a few times but I guess that’s to be expected. Three more to go…