Especially- Painting #13

6 x 8 in. Oil in canvas panel 1/14/2016

Going back to work in the last restaurant I had worked at in 1991 wasn't easy but I needed a job...and fast. I knew I was a good server and figured it was like riding a bike. So I crossed my fingers and hoped they'd need help and sure enough a week later I got the call. I was back to brunch. I trained under the manager at the time, Simone. We did NOT get along. Although, everyone kept saying how nice he was. I was a little crispy around the edges tho and in pretty bad shape having just packed up or thrown away everything in my marital home in Jersey City.

Then something happened...I had a dream with him in it where he was the nicest guy in the world. We drove around in box shaped cars and went grocery shopping to cook, of all things, chicken feet. I could see in the dream why his girlfriend (now wife) was so enamored with him and I finally 'got' him. I went to work the next day and told him and everyone else about my dream. He and I became friendly and he started calling me chicken feet. He then asked me to draw some chicken feet so he could see what I would do. I liked the idea but when I saw them in their shrink wrapped state I kinda sank. They looked pale and uninspired and I didn't like the idea of them started to smell if I left them out to work on them. I was grossed out so I stalled. Constantly getting razzed by Simone for the next four years.

I recently took a stint as an electrician for Fashion Week. While walking to the subway with my friend Dave, I stopped into a pet store to get something for my Sphynx cat Onji. And there they were... low and behold, DRIED chicken feet! "Perfect!" I thought. Now's my chance.

I started this project and figured this would be the perfect opportunity to give them a go, so...this one is for you Simone. Will you stop pestering me now?

It was really late when I started them cause I needed to get supplies since my brushes were a mess from all the work I've been doing, but I did have fun. Actually a lot of fun trying to capture them even tho it's little more than a drawing...but that IS what he asked for anyway. ;)

Side Note: I have a friend that I chat with when I'm working, sending pics of updates and such when he said that in the initial stages my drawing looked like the Chinese letter for 'Especially' or 'Particularly'. I ate that up with a spoon.

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