Joshua and I at Moma 4/19/2016

Palette for Dearly Beloved.

Dearly Beloved- Painting #89

6 x 8 in. Oil on board 4/21/2016


For Prince

Came home today after finding out about his death by text message from my friend Dave. I knew I wanted to do the samefor him as I did for David Bowie. Listen to one of his records on repeat and paint something loose. Purple Rain. Definitely.

The reason I’ve been on and off with this project of late is due to a bout of depression. I didn’t want to admit it. But it feels better if I do. I had a lovely visit with a friend concerned for me recently. My old friend Joshua White. I met him at MOMA for lunch after a meeting he had and we got to walk through his Liquid Loop exhibition and take selfies. I love him dearly and asked for some stills of the Joshua Light Show so I could make a painting of it to mark the day. He obliged. I also got the selfie!

Well, I somehow managed to loose that email and crumble into a mess that night and didn’t paint. Yesterday, I started another painting in the same vein that I had been working but couldn’t finish it because I got so tired. How did I do this during Fashion Week? He sent it to me again upon request and today I got to mark the day. I chose one with a big purple swath going through it and put Purple Rain on repeat.

It was very different than when I painted with David Bowie. It was joyous and celebratory while I was painting. All I could think of was 1984 and going to midnight viewings of Purple Rain in the movie theaters with my rag tag group of friends where everyone dressed the part and sang along to all the songs, ala Rocky Horror Picture Show. What a blast.

Just as I finished it and the last notes of Purple Rain could be heard (what timing!) I started to loose it. Cried like a little baby uncontrollably, still am a little bit now as I write this. What a loss.

I want to thank all my friends that have been helping me thru this…what I guess I’m now officially calling a depression. My friends and family mean the WORLD to me and they have my back. Even if I hardly ever get to see them. You are my Dearly Beloved.

And thank you once again, Joshua. For an incredible chance to paint with Prince. I love you.  

*Jesus Christ!  Purple Rain is JUST NOW ending again. Wow.  Fade to black.


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