Crown- Painting #5

8 x 8 in. Oil on canvas panel 1/6/2016

I tackled another object that perhaps was overly complicated but really I just think I had a lot of elements against me. I hadn't coated the board enough to be as slick as I like but thought I could get away with it. I wanted to use this size canvas even though it was unfinished. Won't do THAT again.

I feel as though it's a picture of my clouded mind not feeling very well today. I will definitely revisit this one with a more suitable surface. Also- I changed my composition halfway thru and then changed the lighting at a later point. I think I just couldn't decide exactly how I wanted to depict it. I somehow thought I would just find it, and it started out ok in the drawing phase and even halfway through. But then I ran into trouble with glare and the surface but by then I was in to deep and couldn't bring myself to wipe it away and try something else. I'm as stubborn as my grandmother. And boy is she stubborn!

I made my bed, I'll lie in it. 360 to go.