Cookie Fortune- Painting #70

6 x 6 in Oil on board 3/18/2016


Your first mistake was saying yes…..seventy paintings later I can honestly say I feel like that sometimes. This was the last cookie I had left from Fashion Week in February. I had NO IDEA what I was going to paint today but I knew I wanted something fairly simple. Looked around the house and in the kitchen near my ‘smoothie station’ there was a cup with the last cookie fortune in it. John Tees had handed it to me back when I was looking for things to paint in the clubhouse at Clarkson Square. I thought it was a great idea but never got around to it at the time. I pulled it out today and thought ‘Perfect!’ Opened it up and this is what it said. No joke.

Can’t even eat it cause I’m on day 5 of my annual cleanse. I put it back in the cup and I’ll wait till I can. I happen to LOVE fortune cookies as a snack. Used to buy bags of ’em at Chinese food restaurants. Animal crackers too.  Thanks Cookie Fortune, for brightening our Fashion Week. :)

Does anybody remember laughter?