Oil sketch of Chandelier. Sorry for the poor image, it was late!

Chandelier- Painting #52

8 x 8 in. Oil on board 2/23/2016

I got to watch tv today like people do. Settled in to the second episode of Vinyl. I have several strange connections to the people in it and that work for it, or so I found out today. I love it when that happens. Anyhoo, for some reason I came away wanting to paint a chandelier and boy was it fun! I knew what it needed to look like and went searching thru images till one jumped out at me. A good image is usually the closest thing to what I see in my head plus paint and sheer will.  It’s interesting to see how far I have to push myself forward and past the drawing stage. And by drawing I mean wiping out. It’s quickly becoming one of my favorite techniques. It’s kinda fun to ‘try on’ these different types of painting. I feel like it gives me an arsenal to work with.

Throughout the ‘drawing’ phase I didn’t pick up a brush once. Just used my pinky, ring finger and a q-tip. I often want to stop here because of it’s spirit photography feel but I know if I do that I don’t get to learn how to go further more quickly and I imagined a thickly painted colorful splash of swirls. It’s late again and I’m stopping but it would be really fun to keep going and really lay it on. I think I meant to use more color but the shapes just intrigued me and I couldn’t stop playing with them.  Chandeliers are fun to paint!