Brunch Flower or the Sophomore Jinx- Painting #2

8 x 6 in. Oil on Masonite panel 1/3/2016

Well, what can I say. No one said this was gonna be easy. In fact I KNEW it would be hard. I had figured that a few simple carnations would be easy for me, but I hadn't taken into consideration what I'm trying to teach myself. I'm used to setting myself up for the next day. When I could come in and leave whatever I liked and change whatever I needed. Not sure why I'm suddenly obsessed with direct painting but I really what to learn what it has to offer.

I started, wiped out and started again with a different composition. I was running out of time and couldn't find my groove, so I simplified to teach myself to focus intently on the proper color and shape. That was working for a while, then it wasn't. With this kind of painting it's as if your balancing on the edge of a knife. A few strokes can completely capture your subject and then comes the one that doesn't. This flower looked great 6 different times, but between my doubts and I'm sure the lack of sleep and working another full day took it's toll. I actually learned a lot and had some really wonderful moments but I should have stopped quite a while ago. Something else that's an important lesson to learn.

I know it's in me and I just have to keep at it. If you show up again tomorrow, that'd be cool. I'll be here.

My friend Hiro Keitora said that this was like that movie where that girl tries to cook all of Julia Child's recipes everyday. It most certainly is. Complete with it's successes and failures. But I learn from each one of them.

Come on, it makes for a better story anyway. And there's always tomorrow!

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