Stand With Standing Rock

My painting Black Friday (Dedicated to the Standing Rock Sioux), is currently up for auction via eBay with 100% of net proceeds being donated to them via their website.

Although we’ve heard some good news recently about the halting of the construction, the Standing Rock Sioux are doing their best to keep vigilant during their first snowstorm. With an incoming administration comes uncertainty and it's precisely now that we must lean in rather than walk away, thinking we won the fight. In an era of 'fake news' and sound bites it's difficult to discern the truth. This fight is not over.

If you haven't donated to the Standing Rock Sioux yet consider it one way to help them ease the difficulty of having to fight this fight for us. They will no doubt be in need of funds for legal fees as well as daily supplies as this battle moves into winter and a new administration presides. Together we can do our part to ease that burden and I would like to give you the gift of a painting for your efforts.

The auction ends this Sunday night. Let's send them some support!

Yours truly,


Below is a picture of my signature packaging for the painting Black Friday. Click on image to enlarge.




Black Friday- (Dedicated to the Standing Rock Sioux) Painting #113 Oil on board. 5 1/4 x 8 in.