Lost At Sea, no really.

(Untitled) Lost At Sea Too 8 x 11.5 Red and brown chalk, graphite on Twinrocker hand-laid paper 3/2/2017 #drawingmarch


Day two of experiments in papers and techniques! I actually felt a bit lost. I beat this drawing up quite a bit. It's technically not the type of paper (or the proper weight) I'm supposed to be using but I loved the color so I gave it a try. A lovely light blue. It has a very difference surface but for some reason I thought it would work. Early on in the drawing the pencil started to dig in more and leave a waxy feel to it that would not allow for further manipulation. It also could just be me using too much pressure. Hmm. Will have to work on that. I also played with some coffee washes with a brush. If it winds up being better paper for watercolors, I'll just use it for that (which will also be an experiment!). It was leftover from someones special order. Perhaps if I use a workable fixative on this one I can continue working. Unknown for the moment. So I'm just gonna let him lay low for awhile and keep marching on. This whole project will be me working toward pulling all of these elements together. It's a very exciting idea to me and I've only begun to play with it. Wish me luck!