Bay with Estuary King

If you live in New York City you know it's nice to get out of town and let some fresh air into your lungs. Last week I did just that. I spent a week by the Chesapeake Bay at the home of Jen Fitzgerald. I got lost in the elusive shimmer on the water just outside my window every morning. Without fail you could watch that shimmer move across the room as the sun crossed the sky and set on the other side in an explosion of color-- if you were fortunate enough to be given the show. She gets moody--- And WINDY. 'Chesapeake Bay don't play' said Jen via text, warning me about the breezes. Here are my attempts to capture her and that explosion of color.


Oil sketch of Chesapeake Bay. 6 x 8 in. 3/8/2017

Oil sketch of a Chesapeake Bay Sunset 6 x 8 in. Oil on board 3/9/2017

Just outside the other window was the view of the piers and tall sea grass stretching along the fingers of the peninsula and disappearing between the great tree branches on that side of the house. I set my sights there and let imagination take hold. We watched a documentary of J.M.W. Turner called The Power of Art a few nights later and I was once again confronted with one of my favorite paintings of his: Sunrise with Sea Monster. Once home, I stared at the image of my drawing on my phone while on the subway to work and found what the drawing estuary king of course. A giant catfish.

Elizabeth, Jen's daughter, once said she wanted to name her cat, Catfish. I think we can all agree that's a pretty cool name for a cat. Thank you so much Jen for a wonderful retreat! I've plenty of inspiration from our time together and look forward getting it all out. xo

Bay With Estuary King 8 x 11.25 in. Red and brown chalk heightened with white on hand-laid paper 3/20/2017 #drawingmarch