More Cow Bell- Painting #3 Now Available in the Devo Prop Shop

More Cow Bell- Painting #3 Oil on board 6x8 in. #365paintings2016

Another painting from the 365 project. Ok, it isn't really a cow bell. It's more of a Tibetan meditation bell, something you ring to meditate to the sound of its ever lasting chime.  And it does have a lovely chime. It's pictured here hanging over my drawing table so I can paint it from life. I LOVED painting this bell. It felt so good to work from life again. I don't always paint from life but relish the chance to do so. I thought I'd be rusty but it was like riding a bike. It came to me quickly and simply and was a joy to capture. I'm glad I now have this little portrait of it. I wound up with a LOT of little portraits of things in my home last year. What a lovely gift to give myself, really. I didn't realize it at the time but that's exactly what the 365 project was for me, a gift. why call it More Cow Bell? Google 'SNL more cow bell' if you don't already know. I couldn't resist.