Sandy Hook, NJ 6/22/2016

Sandy Hook, NJ 6/22/2016

My best Hunter S. Thompson look.

Blackberry Birds/A Work In Progress + Beach Day!

Progress pic. 8 x 8 in. Oil on board


This painting has been on my easel while I’ve been working on other things lately. I keep working on it. Just wanted to give you guys a progress pic.


So, I finally made it back to the beach. Lots of little things kept me away but this time I had a car and a full tank of gas. And apparently, LOTS of big ideas about it. I wanted to paint AND swim but I think it was too much all at once, at least for my first trip out. Also, I think I found the bay side was more interesting for painting (and more empty) but I REALLY wanted to go in the ocean.

I did pull out my palette to try for a sketch but what I hadn’t remembered was the wind. (!!) I saw three large umbrellas go tumbling toward the ocean and mine just wasn’t cutting it. That was my ace in the hole, too. I could sit for as long as I wanted to paint IF I could at least be in the shade. But I’d already been out there for several hours and just didn’t think it was wise for my first trip in the sun. Nixed it. But I can plan more strategically next time. Leave earlier, paint first. I’m also gonna try some of the beaches closer to me and perhaps City Island. I’ve never been there.

Here’s a bathroom selfie from my beach day.