Amsterdam Ave. Reflected In Johanna’s Right Eye-Painting #85

6 x 6 in. Oil on board 4/13/2016


I’ve had a rough week. First a cold, then a block. I just felt numb. I woke up today feeling better tho, like I could tackle the task I’ve set for myself so I jumped back in. I’ve been wanting to do this one for a while now. Johanna has very beautiful eyes. Just huge pools of aqua to get lost in. Was a no brainer once I decided to just get a pic of one with my new phone! We stood out front of our workplace Hi Life Bar and Grill and I snapped away. Not really thinking about all the reflections I was going to get when I took a look at it at home.

Then I thought, ‘Hold on. This reminds me of Robbie’s glass in Go For Stroh‘. Just paint all those little reflections! It’s actually more challenging and quite fun. I enjoyed it. Can’t wait to do her portrait! Thanks for letting me poke at your eyes Johanna!