A Gift From Joshua- Painting #14

6 x 6 in. Oil on canvas board 1/15/2016

I first met Joshua White (of The Joshua Light Show fame) (!) when I went to work for Pseudo, a dot com internet broadcasting company that was way ahead of it's time. I was hired as the head scenic painter. I remember I was brought to his office to meet him and I admired an old paint brush of his propped up in a cup with other writing instruments. It was so old and beautiful and he told me it was something like 25 years old. I was shocked because I can't seem to keep ANY brushes for very long. Next thing I know he comes up to me and GIVES it to me with writing on it that says 'Joshua gave me this'. An unbelievably sweet gesture. But this isn't the story of that brush (although, it IS featured in my BIO pic on this site).

He and I became fast friends and to this day he is one of those special people in the world to me. What my friend Dave would call 'one of my favorite people on the planet'. He and his wife Alice Playton were a formidable couple to me and I would come to know them very well. I can't really get into too much about my feelings for them except to say I hold them in my heart dearly. When I was going through what I thought was my worst summer ever, alone in my marital home awaiting my fate, I found out that Alice was sick and would not be long for this world. Joshua called to tell me and I sent a drawing to her that made it to her in time. Thank god. I loved her so.

Joshua and I have exchanged gifts throughout our friendship and one of them is this wonderful little box he gave me for my 32nd birthday. He constructed it out of what I believe to be projector slides and colored gel. It is filled with a little landscape that is difficult to see were it not for the lens that sits on it as a roof for gazing in. In it stands a little man in a suit and if you light it just right, he glows. It's incredibly beautiful and one of my favorite things.

My dear Joshua has since remarried to a wonderful woman named Briged and I had a wonderful time at their wedding.  Love you guys! This is for you Joshua. Big love for you for all the love you continue to give me. XOXO

This is the end of week #2! Thanks for tagging along for the ride. I'm enjoying the lessons I learned immensely and really feel as though this is going to change the way I approach my larger works. Looking forward to seeing what this year brings. There have been a few posts that you may not have seen so browse around the site if you're interested.

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